ARC at QUT Art Museum 2007

Trust me everything is true.

Done my best. Failed all. All failed. Some steps taken better. Better steps failed some. Some failed better. Stepping aside. Stepping forward. Stepping backward. Backward always fails. No gain. Still one step. Step failed. Step forward, fail again. Another step in the right direction. Direction fails. Where to? To where? Somewhere is somewhere is nowhere is there is here. Here, one step more. More to come. Come more steps. One after the other. One other after each after. After failure, one more. Failure, once more. Step aside. A side step. Doesn’t matter. Wrong direction. Direction wronged. Stepping wrong, stepping right. Right failed. Side stepping a side step. Once more a step. Count. It counts. One step. Best done ever. Ever done the best. Before the one before and after. Steps are taken. Begin to count! What has do be counted? Steps! Every step. Steps to the right. Steps to the left. Steps forward. Steps backward. Steps sideways. Light steps. Heavy steps. Speed steps. Slow steps. Dragging steps. Noisy steps. Goose marching steps. On command steps. Bloody steps. Helping steps. Silent steps. Dying steps. Take other steps. Stepping across. Stepping across steps. Stepping beyond someone else. Someone else steps across someone else. Others step over others. Dragging along, falling, failing, giving up, getting up, repeat. Repeat along the same steps. Dragging along, falling, failing, giving up, getting up, repeat. Repeat the same step. Getting up, falling down, coming up, dragging along, falling again, getting up again. Failing again. Stand. Take the next step. Step forward. Stuck on the next step. Counting two steps.


Think! —- Think! The best. The ultimate best. Doing the ultimate best. Action failed. Step failed. Total failure. Think! —-Think! Take all steps back. Undo the steps taken. Unravel all steps. It takes time. Steps undone take time. Time takes all steps. Time has undone all that is undone. Re-do, step forward. All forward redone. Think! — Think! Done. It is done. A one, a two, a three, lets go. Go where? Going anywhere. Straight ahead and keep going straight ahead. Things are difficult ahead. Then again not. Ahead is what is already ahead. Go! Hurry! Slowing down again. Take each step, they are right in front of you. It all has to count. At least in ones mind. Mind altering steps. Go ahead. Alter all matter in the mind. Go on, go on! A one, a two, a three, lets go. Again from the top. Go to the place ahead. Right in front placing steps that go ahead. Go ahead to anywhere. What matters is that heading along the way ahead to anywhere. Does it really matter? This endless heading ahead of everyone for the purpose of getting ahead for counting on being ahead. Senseless, it has to be senseless. A senseless place ahead of everyone else. Merciless, relentless the matter ahead of everyone else. Top down and keep going ahead. Ahead in a merciless push to be ahead of being ahead. A merciless strategy devised on getting ahead despite the cost. It is straight ahead. If in question ahead is the answer. Repeat, ahead is the answer. Merciless, ahead of the questions are only questions. Repeated again and again as if it mattered. Step ahead. Relentless, the purpose at any cost. Heading in any direction ahead of oneself. A one, a two, a three, lets go. Say, if ahead is really ahead isn’t it backwards? In a roundabout the way ahead is backwards but forward and forward is ahead, meaning that ahead is the direction even if it means to go backward. Think ahead. Think as if being ahead is really thinking forward. If this needs rethinking, being ahead is a nice way of being backward. Isn’t it? What a straight way ahead. Convinced of the merciless march, right at any cost straight ahead. Marching ahead, a one, a two, a three, lets go. Lets go! Ahead into anything ahead. Lets go! Lets go!

Franz Ehmann