BBK Galerie Augsburg Germany 2008

Relentless (without beginning nor end)

Unnachgiebig (weder Anfang noch Ende)


Relentless is a sculptural text performance event with materials akin to theatre props. Their materiality of the space is staged and its language is the voice of bleak humour. The new message reverberates relentlessly. I am with you, for you and amongst you.

The ‘newspaper floor’ event enacts itself. It is a thin layer of data skin, full of violence and destruction and is clearly to be recognised as a negative horizon. The newspaper floor is hermeneutically fixed, a continuum of interpretations and translations – a speeding and ever increasing form of word and physical violence spreading out into every living space. Speed, space, energy, strategy and event, all summed up in a linguistic territory and in a cultural approach reaching Machiavellian proportions. In the words of Voltaire: ‘ those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities’.