Station FOE 156 2012

Words that changed the world and influenced the weather.

Words unwritten, thoughts unsaid and forgotten present themselves as zero point, somewhere towards the end of many things as if only questions can remain. The unexpressed and unmade is useful as it informs the presented artworks and restores a silence that otherwise cannot be found. What sense do we make in these artworks or for making art for that matter? Does art preserve a social value beyond the monetary and aesthetic? Does politics arise from these matters and where to with it? The precise display of objects partially answers the questions through forms that in turn, ask more questions of many things. The decisions of ongoing collaborations between the natural and man made objectifications were made in the early years with materials such as beeswax, honey, milk, eggshells, cooked food and constructed environments. Over time synchronization helped the ongoing process to elicit a daily change. Projects such as ‘wishlist’, ‘fourteen’ and the wax houses for ‘Heimat’ are unending. These text works and objects appear singular as much as they are part of many more, adding to questioning the questions. In a vague sense it all ends up as an assessment of life, an indefinite summarization of a few weeks in an otherwise ongoing colourful world.The single and most unrecognized phenomenon is the reaction to things. Precise gestures grace the silence in which these objects restore the role of silence. A gesture of grace can open the debate and render any of these dichotomies as essential elements to further art for the 21st century. For better or worse, we live in a specific bubble of communication foam, where language itself loses its currency and enters the territory of burned out meaning.


One for the road The before too long News: Rich people paying rich people to tell middleclass people to blame poor people In my studio everything is art Do not cross this line The feet walk into darkness Fingers caress the remaining daylight LowfatFatfreeTranquilizedeggPOEM:LOVEhateLIFEfeelEASYdoneFACTfallFAILfameGOALhaveLOTSexit 14 four letter words starting with Z: Zags, Zany, Zarf, Zeal, Zebu, Zero, Zest, Zinc, Zing, Zins, Zoea, Zonk, Zoom and Zyme. Emergency Art – FunfunFun – Truthdig Warm up Rockaway Line up as not an icon & there is always an alternative Foreign beggars One love group totem Turned down for what? Turned down for not much at all. Do it again. Foreign beggars arrested. Do it again. Love you forever tour cancelled. Do it again. Emergency. Crisis. Do it again. Monster Jam Open Culture. I’m sorry. If you were right, I’d agree with you. What time is it? Time has passed me by… I come from where I am, I com from where you haven’t been, there where I’m not, there where you are not, born I am, as it matters to more than one language, to more than one country, ridiculous! We have guided missiles & we have misguided men, we have everything, we have, pharmacies, drugs & fighter planes, we have a gallery full of sand, a swamp & animals all dead. We have, communication, a litany of words.




Time is the river of misery.

Lonely in your arms, a black night ahead, I wish I was another choice, a white night on a black day, I wish I was none, I wish I was none, I wish I was,…,

& still we have war. We have. We have. We have everything. We have forgetting, forgiveness & redemption. We have this all in short supply. We have many things. This is a colourful world. We have that indeed. We have. We have committees, paradoxes & ironies. Lets earn a million dollars in an honest fashion. We have committees, inquires & royal commissions, an endless flow of ill-gotten advantages.

Emergency Art: fun fun fun.

Truth grid: fun fun fun.

Truth lie: fun fun fun.

Truthgrill: fun fun fun.

Truth truth: fun fun fun.

Truth mill: fun fun fun.

A fine line between words when they are burning. We have freedom of speech, free association & paranoia. All well and good. We have everything. I wish i was a certain smile that comes from that secret place that no one knows, you’ve got love and I have depression, you’ve got style and I have darkness,… I wish I was on my way up, instead I’m in a yellow cab with skull, do you care? stop. That is enough, I wish i was…, you don’t care much for music do you?, I wish I saw you first in a crowded bar across the room, I wish I was…, a perfect wordstorm.

Franz Ehmann