1 Biennale der Künstler im Haus der Kunst Munich 2013

Words that changed the world and influenced the weather 2013

Installation: Newspapers, colour, packing tape, bicycle

Thematically this Installation is headed by luxury and ephemerality and highlights inherent ideological distinctions of having too much and having not much at all.

As a counter argument it tries to dissolve the tyranny of choice between luxury and ephemerality, though whose world is not ruptured by the “big decisions”.

By many ways, global and local, communication through the optics of art defines a pleasure principal precisely derived from luxury as ephemerality and ephemerality as luxury.

A gesture of grace can open the debate and render any one of these dichotomies as essential elements to further art for the 21st century.

For better or worse, we all live in a specific bubble of communication foam, where language itself looses its currency and enters the territory of burned out meaning.

Franz Ehmann