Greenaway Art Gallery 2005

Questioning the questions of this world.

From the two greek words chronos and kairos we get objective time and subjective time.  Does time really exist? Is time a construct? Narrative time can be changed and broken. All that matters is the telling here and now. This nowness, the present moment is an existential phenomenon. With these art works questions are being questioned.

The gallery floor is covered in news print, a world of ready made language and writing. Everything is available from commentary to sales, obituaries to the classifieds, propaganda to character assassinations and any other event tragic to humorous.



Text written with gouache on paper or on canvas is situated next to painting, photography, performance and DVD projection. Each element or material performs itself. The function is itself, its own existence in this world of questions.

The text on one work refers to itself as a thing where other text pieces simply state poetic questions. There are announcements made for touring and inventing art galleries. Spaces for contemporary thoughts and ideas.

Photography is altogether another proposition of a question within this exhibition. These images originate from actions and performances and can be re-enacted at any given venue, suburb, street, shopping centre or any other location that comes to mind.

Certain performances and actions are projected onto the wall. The last thing to do,   speak into a hole in the ground. If this is it, is there an answer to these questions?

Franz Ehmann