Franz Ehmann: The Materiality of an Artistic Existence.
in literature i always read the modernist writers such as Beckett or for example Thomas Bernhard who are always on about capturing and imparting an experience of the end game…though the question remains…how can i work with this concept…this kind of existential aspect and what does that then infer to the overall value of our existence…producing artworks in this manner you question the value in this kind of endism so to speak…you know it’s never there…realistically you constantly have to construct some form of communicational dialogue in a search for how we can possibly utilise this space or this sphere to culturally instil these concepts into ‘place’ and of course an audience who simply may not be aware of what it is you are referring to in the first place…these very minute literal changes carry with them a certain form of irony and dark humour…not to mention a complete feeling of the absolute absurd…

Franz Ehmann: Insertion #1.

Franz Ehmann: Insertion #2.

Franz Ehmann: Insertion #3.

Franz Ehmann: Ideally this sign cannot be read.